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We have comic books, action figures, toys, video games, records old & new, CDs, DVDs, VHS movies, stereos, trading cards, and MORE!


NOTICE!!! The Governor of Indiana and Mayor of Evansville have order all non-essential businesses to close until April 23, or so. The Diamond Flea Market is only open on weekends, which means it will be at least until APRIL 25, 2020 before it will reopen.


That means COMICS UNLIMITED will only be selling online during this period of time at the C.U. eBay store.


I hope everyone is taking this order seriously, and that you are all still healthy, safe, and trying to remain in good spirits. I will be looking forward to the time when I can once more see all of you, my regular customers and friends.


This quarantine may give you the chance to catch up reading all your comics so that you will be all ready for a fresh supply when we are allowed to go back to normal life. STAY POSITIVE and STAY SAFE and I will C-U at C.U. soon!

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Matt's Blogger!

Hi gang! This is C.U.'s owner Matthew Hawes! When I was but a young lad, between the ages of 12 and 16-years-old, I wrote and illustrated my homemade comic book superhero series, "The Fearless Five". Well, I decided to collect all the completed issues of that comic and publish it through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.




The book is 500 pages, and includes 23 stories I originally drew on ruled school paper in pencil. The pages have been cleaned up to remove those ruled lines as much as possible, and while the artwork is how I drew it as a kid, I did redo the lettering (except for sound effects and logos), to make it more clean, legible, and correct spelling errors. It is in black and white, as it was originally drawn, but the shading with pencil gives it a gray-tone look overall.


Whether you just want to read the stories from the mind of a kid, silly as it can be, for amusement as well as entertainment, or if you want to see the progress of a young artist during, perhaps, my most formative years as an artist, I hope you will take an interest and order this collection.


The retail is $29.99, which is less than $1.50 per issue included in this book. It is available NOW on Amazon. I have ordered copies to sell at the COMICS UNLIMITED booths at the Diamond Avenue Flea Market, as well.

-- Matt

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2010 - present

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