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OUR GANG The Little Rascals' History With Comics

It's LIVE! As far as I can tell, it appears that my book OUR GANG The Little Rascals' History With Comics is now up on Amazon! Not only that, but Amazon appears to be offering it at a discount with free shipping. I'm guessing this is an Amazon promotion, as I didn't have anything to do with the shipping or discount. I'm pretty sure it's not just showing up on my screen like that. LOL!

This book is a look at the connections between the comics (both comic strips and comic books, and including animated cartoons) and Our Gang (aka, "The Little Rascals." From the beginning of the beloved film comedy series to its' end in the 1940s' and beyond, there has been many ties between the series and comics. Some you may find surprising, in fact. Also, this book includes a full-length reprint (with colors, and translation) of a serialized adventure with the Gang visiting Brazil that was originally published in its' original form in "O Tico-Tico" magazine back in 1933-1934.

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