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Living With Zombies: The Complete Collection

TWO pop-culture geek pals, one a chrome-domed doofus minus a pair of pants (don't ask... you'll learn why in the first issue, and it ain't pretty), the other a mutton-chopped man-child along with his faithful pet Poop Dog, discover one day that they are supposedly the last living inhabitants on Earth! But they are FAR from ALONE, for it appears that the rest of humanity has been turned into FLESH-EATING ZOMBIES!

On sale at Amazon.


400 pages, B&W, softcover



Fearless 5, The Complete Series 1982-1985

 C.U.'s owner Matthew Hawes created this series when he was but a young lad, between the ages of 12 and 16-years-old, a homemade comic book superhero series:

"The Fearless Five". 

Follow the evolution of a young artist in this exciting tome!

On sale at Amazon.

500 pages, B&W, softcover


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