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IMPORTANT NOTICE! I want to let all my customers know that Comics Unlimited will be moving to the The Big E Superstore on the weekend of October 21st, 2023. I will still be at Cowboy Jim's Evansville this coming weekend. My move from Cowboy Jim's is amicable, and I encourage everyone to still patronize them and the many, fine, awesome vendors that set up there. I do, naturally, hope that you guys and gals will follow me at my new location inside the Big E, as well. To make this more of an event, I will be having both a moving away SALE and a moving in SALE, two weekends in a row, one at Cowboy Jim's, the other at the Big E. THIS IS A BIG ONE!!! 50% OFF all items, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 13, 14, and 15th at CJ, and the same discount extended to my booth at Big E the weekend of October 21 & 22! Please support local business, both establishments and my own business, too. I greatly appreciate it! As always, I hope to C-U at C.U.!

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